May 2000


by PapaScott on 28 May 2000

Our big activity for yesterday was to look for a crib at Dodenhof, a big furniture and department store on the way to Bremen. We decided that the cribs were too expensive, and settled for two pairs of baby socks. We lost one hat, and thought we lost a pacifier until we found it later. (Our visit was noted by Andrea. It’s a long drive for socks, that’s right. “;->”)

This morning we took Christopher to a toddler’s church service, even though he still slobbers a lot better than he can crawl or toddle. He seemed to enjoy himself nonetheless.

Mama wanted to record Christopher’s voice for her website. I’ve never worked with audio files before; we just plugged a microphone into her sound card and recorded. We got some buzzing in the background, but we were able to upload a short wav file and a longer mp3 to her web page.

QubeQuorner: “I’m back. The company for which I work moved offices last weekend. I thought it would be a one or two-day affair. Turned out to be more than a week of 15 hour days…”

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Learning to Sit Up (a little bit)

by PapaScott on 27 May 2000


Miracle in St. Pauli (Hamburger Morgenpost, in German). Forget the boring Bundesliga (Munich won the title again, HSV was 3rd). In the last game of the season Hamburg’s 2nd League team FC St. Pauli scored in the 90th minute to tie and saved themselves from demotion. (I was going to say that FC St. Pauli is Germany’s version of the Chicago Cubs, but Dave ‘s Picks reminded me of a better match: the St. Paul Saints. The stadium, by the way, is across the street from my new office.)

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Sucking on Spangle

May 25, 2000

At Christopher’s baptism dinner, Mama ran into an old school friend who just happened to be eating at the same restaurant. He’s now a physician in Hamburg and lives just a couple of villages away and raises horses. Christopher and Mama went visiting last evening, but they sent me a picture of a new foal.

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May 24, 2000

Our office is moving at the end of the month. Instead of being spread out over 5 floors in two buildings, we’ll be together on one floor about 1/2 mile from our present location. We’ll no longer be on the harbor with the view, though. We’ll be at the foot of the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s entertainment […]

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Phoenix one, Phoenix two

May 22, 2000

Andrea’s Weblog: “Where do you want to live? Zannah had this link to a test where you can find the best place for you to live. (Only places in the USA are available, I think.)” I tried it out, and our last home in the US, Phoenix, came out on top. Of course, I deliberately […]

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