November 2000

Wir sind das Netz!

by PapaScott on 30 November 2000

In the very strange but true department: in front of our office today about 30 demonstrators protested against the Internet. The protest was aimed at the main tenants of our building, AOL Germany and Bertelsmann Online, with signs reading ‘Where is our Internet’ and chants of ‘Wir sind das Netz’ and ‘Ihr seid drin, wir sind draußen’ (a play on AOL Germany’s ad campaign with Boris Becker, ‘Bin ich drin?’). The best sign was ‘Ficken statt Klicken’, which can only be paraphrased as ‘Make Love instead of Clicks.’

Since the protesters also carried over half a dozen video cameras, so I am guessing that the protest was staged as part of some student film project. But it was fun nontheless.

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Flying away for the weekend

by PapaScott on 28 November 2000

We’ll be in Munich this weekend, visiting a friend of Mama from work. Mama and Christopher are flying for free (she has flyer miles, he’s too young for a ticket). I get to pay full price.

Christopher got a clean bill of health from his pediatrician yesterday, so he’ll be going today to his first day of “nursery school” (that’s what his Grandpa calls the Tagesmutter; it’s really just day care). He’ll stay just 2 hours today. It’s just a practice session.

Mama still doesn’t know what they will be wanting her to do at work when she goes back on January 1. She says that her gut feeling is they have big plans for her right away. And we thought we could just ease into 2-career parenting… we might have to jump in feet first with our eyes closed.

How about if we award the election to the first one who starts behaving like a president and a statesman, you know, with honor and dignity and all that. But then again, maybe neither one would win…

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Never leave your child unattended….

November 24, 2000

… not even for a moment! I’m guilty. I ran upstairs to get something – no, I did not check up on my stocks. When I returned, Christopher was sitting on the dishwasher door. I should be happy our son takes such a keen interest in household appliances. Before we know it he might volunteer […]

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Not again

November 22, 2000

After a high fever over the weekend, we thought Christopher was over it on Monday. But he isn’t. He’s got an ear infection, so it’s back on antibiotics, and no play groups for a week. But he doesn’t look or act sick, and his appetite is good. Tomorrow is just another work day for me, […]

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Short and snappy

November 21, 2000

Sunny and cool today. Another home office day. I’m getting more accomplished than I thought I would. My boss will be happy. Since there is not Linux Notes client, we use Citrix Metaframe to access Notes on NT. It even works at home, tunneling through ssh over the Internet. Up to now, the main drawback […]

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