January 2001

Excuse Us, Please

by PapaScott on 30 January 2001

Andrea, next time you come to Lüllau for a visit, you don’t have to stand outside barefoot in the cold. Come on in!

Wörme, where Andrea’s cousin lives, is literally within walking distance from us (at leasfor Germans, I don’t think most Americans would walk that far). Wörme has a 50-year old organic farm, an antique small-gauge train (Die Wilde Erika) with 1 km of track, a nice patch of Heide (heather) called the Busenbachtal, and a kiosk that caused a lawsuit because it is technically in a residential area. All this in village smaller than Lüllau!

Christopher seems to have caught a cold, which explains why he was in a bad mood yesterday. He’s wheezing and coughing, has little appetite, but no fever. I was able to pick him up early this afternoon, and he’ll spend a quiet day at home tomorrow with Mama. He’s actually pretty happy at the moment, as long as he can hold a telephone of some sort.

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Today, my home office day, the bear ate me. Or maybe I’m just tired from the weekend, since both days Mama I worked and I was in charge of the boy.

Christopher has learned several new tricks. One is to pull his bib up over his head during mealtimes. If I pull the bib back down and say ‘No,’ he cries and won’t eat. If I leave the bib over his head, his face is covered and he can’t eat, although eventually he’ll pull the bib completely off and start again with his shirt, which of course has sleeves and cannot be pulled over his head, so he cries and won’t eat. Toddler logic.

It is also disconcerting that he takes possession of any object he can reach, especially anything that resembles a telephone. Remote controls are OK, and a cordless or, even better, a cell phone is especially good. (Cell phones for toddlers could be a real money maker for the cell phone providers, since toddlers dial at random and never hang up.)

By the way, a Macintosh mouse, even though it has a cord, is a good substitute for a cordless phone, since itnot only fits in the hand like a telephone, but with the ball underneath can also be pushed across the floor like a car. And, yes, you can probably discern my current opinion of the Macintosh by the fact that I let Christopher play with my Mac mouse and not my PC mouse.

PS: Mama snuck a peak at an E-Mail to her boss, and now figures her chances are up from 98% to 99%. If not 99.9%.

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Only Time Will Tell

January 28, 2001

In case you couldn’t tell, I got interrupted last night. Now I forgot what I was going to write. Andrea wrote about the German dairy product Quark. If I had known the English name was “curd”, I never would have tried it. I’d describe Quark as a cross between yogurt and sour cream, not at […]

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Only Time Will Tell

January 27, 2001

Has it really been a week? So it has.

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Tiger of Magic

January 21, 2001

We just returned from Hannover, where Mama’s company held a reception for their franchisees. The inauguration was on the hotel TV (4 different channels and languages) as we dressing, and at dinner I was asked about this strange and foreign ritual. One woman said that, watching without sound, the miitary parade, dark coats, somber faces […]

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