December 2001

12 Hours to Confusion

by PapaScott on 31 December 2001

Hi, we’re back on European turf. We got to experience first hand the confusion at airports that Dave mentioned. Actually, except for my shoes going through the sprectrometer (without me in them), getting through security was no big deal.

Gotta run, the German New Year’s Eve tradition Dinner for One is about to come on TV…

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by PapaScott on 30 December 2001

We’re flying back to Hamburg today. Give us a couple of days to get over jet lag (and for Scott, a case of the Minnesota strep throat), and things might be back to normal.

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Turning Two

December 27, 2001

Christopher turns two today (or zwei, depending on which language he happens to be using). His grandmother has a big turkey in the oven for him. Actually, he calls all birds ducks, so he thinks it’s a duck. (And if you think that life with Christopher is something like a Marx Brothers movie, you’re probably […]

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Everybody say Hey!

December 25, 2001

Christopher wishes everyone Merry Christmas, in his own unique way.

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Blowing and Drifting

December 23, 2001

Hal mentions a boyhood encounter with lutefisk. I thought Swedes had more sense than to eat lutefisk, but whatever. My hometown of Madison MN is Lutefisk Capital USA, but I still don’t eat the stuff.

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