March 2006

Where Am I? Who Am I?

by PapaScott on 25 March 2006

I’ve been pretty quiet here the past week. Mama was gone 5 days, including last weekend, Christopher had short days for school testing and a home day on Friday, and I’ve been up to my ears in work. (I installed a new mail server, but the old server died before the all the users were migrated. And that was just one of several problems.)

But things are looking up. Spring is here, the snow is almost gone. Mama has a business-trip-free April. And the three of us are splitting next weekend to Stralsund. I’m sure that clear thinking will resume shortly.

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Poor Sun

by PapaScott on 20 March 2006

Poor Sun. They can’t sell their servers and they can’t give them away.

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Robber Hotzenplotz

March 19, 2006

Christopher and I went to see the new film The Robber Hotzenplotz today, and now he has a new role model.

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A Better System

March 16, 2006

When you are a cartoonist you learn to be concise, and in the The Dilbert Blog Scott Adams summed my university education in economics and politics in just 3 sentences: I still favor the traditional system where rich people run the country and convince the morons who live here that the voters are really the […]

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Messenger Prank

March 15, 2006

I’ve won new respect for the University of California Berkeley after reading about the Basketball Prank at Cal: Victoria was a hoax UCLA co-ed, created by Cal’s Rally Committee. For the previous week, “she” had been chatting with Gabe Pruitt, USC’s starting guard, over AOL Instant Messenger. It got serious. Pruitt and several of his […]

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