McCafe Elmshorn Reloaded

by PapaScott on 17 October 2006

(I’m recycling this post from September 2005 for the sake of Creamaid. It’s still interesting since McCafes are not yet being built in the US, so the idea of a coffee bar inside a McDonald’s will be new to a lot of people. It also shows off how to embed a Flickr slideshow in a blog post. And ten bucks is ten bucks.)

These are pictures from the McCafe in Elmshorn, northwest of Hamburg. It’s a coffee bar inside a regular McDonald’s restaurant, and the idea is relatively new in Germany, although it apparently hasn’t gone over well in the US. Here they seem to be redoing the entire restaurant rather than creating a separate coffee area. In Elmshorn you sit on leather seats whether you are eating a Big Mac or drinking a Latte.

McDonald’s seems to be quite happy with the results. As of October 2006 170 German restaurants feature McCafe, and eventually about half of all restaurants will include one.

We took some pictures (link to slideshow).

mccafe01 mccafe02 mccafe03 mccafe04 mccafe05 mccafe06 mccafe07 mccafe08 mccafe09 mccafe10

Scott H October 17, 2006 at 21:13

Actually, they opened a test McCafe inside a Mickey D’s on State Street in Chicago several years ago. As I recall (I visited it several times when I worked in Chicago), it was unexceptional. And, with Starbucks et al on every other corner, it didn’t stand a chance. I believe they closed it down after a year or so.

I’ve been to several McCafe’s here in Germany and I’ve been satisfied with the offerings — especially the chocolate fudge cake (yum!). They just opened one in Wuerzburg last month and we’ve already gone enough times to say we’re regulars.

Haddock October 22, 2006 at 15:28

We have a McCafe in Marburg but I haven’t tried it. The wife has tried it and really enjoyed it :)

J October 23, 2006 at 21:04

Our McD’s on the motorway just outside of the city (not the one I visited) has just become a McCafe. I haven’t been to it (I rarely go to McDs’) though.

PapaScott October 23, 2006 at 21:28

The McCafes also have WLAN hotspots, albeit from T-Com so they aren’t free. They’re giving away free time to random users. I won a free hour last week, so you might get lucky.

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