Baby A

by PapaScott on 25 August 2007

We’ve only been in business 7 weeks, and we already have our first new baby. Baby A was born yesterday, a healthy boy, and our joy is doubled since both father and mother are on our payroll. Welcome to the world!

Scott H August 25, 2007 at 22:10

They obviously had too much free time. Will they be availing themselves of the customary “babypause” allowance? I read somewhere that the State of Hamburg has one of the highest rates of fathers taking advantage of the recent changes in the law — so they get two thirds of their regular salary for 14 months instead of “only” 12 if the father takes at least two of those months off to stay with the baby.

Also, is your company solely responsible for paying the two thirds of their regular salary for the 12-14 months they can take off, or is there some other source of funds (for example, us taxpayers) that pays some (or all) of that amount?

PapaScott August 27, 2007 at 12:29

Actually, Ms. von der Leyen’s ministry pays out the Elterngeld. We don’t pay anything, all we have to do for it is fill out forms.

As non-salaried crew, the young couple can’t really afford for the main breadwinner to take a 1/3 pay cut, so I doubt that the father will take any Elternzeit time at all.

Scott H August 27, 2007 at 18:48

Yeah, but just think of all that tax he’d save(!) by not earning that extra 33%.


Kindergeld, Elterngeld…

But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get ston…, uh, Geld!

(With apologies to Bob Dylan)

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