PapaScott I don't claim to succeed at all this!

Tee Time For Two

My gmail address is fairly generic, and apparently there are other people who would like to be PapaScott but can’t. So I get a fair amount of mail intended for other PapaScotts, including:

  • confirmation for my tee time at a golf club in Pennsylvania
  • notice of automatic deposit of my salary from the State of Tennessee
  • my reservation for one week at a mobile home park in Georgia
  • advertising from a car dealer in Argentina
  • an appeal in French to donate (or sell, I can’t tell) my blood plasma to a clinic in Paris
  • invitation of regular lunches of ex-military folks in Tennessee
  • regular notices of transactions (with scans of receipts) from my Well Fargo bank account in Georgia

And I’m not even looking in my spam folder. I have enough keeping track of my own schedule without having to worry items for total strangers!

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