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Linux fever...

VA Linux opened NASDAQ trading today with a bang... but I don't know if I made it on the train or not.

As a "Debian" developer, I received 'the letter', returned the paperwork, and received confirmation that my paperwork was received. However, German applicants this week received notice that due to problems with German securities regulations, German residents were not eligible to participate in the IPO.

However, on my paperwork I indicated that I am an American citizen, and I never received that notice. In fact, I have heard nothing about my application other than the notice that it had been received. However, as soon as I heard the price was set at $30, I sent in a confirmation of my willingness to buy at this price.

I called VA Linux this evening, and they could not find my name on any of their lists. But they are going to call me back.

With Red Hat, I also didn't know until a couple of days later that I had actually received my shares. We'll see what happens this time.

I just noticed that this site is No. 100 on the site rankings, out of over 300 sites. I find it somewhat hard to believe that it is more interesting that over half of the other sites! The only advertising I've done was an ad on the weblog monitor... only because I wanted to remove the Maus Newsletter, but there's no option to remove an ad... only to change the URL and the graphic!

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