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Christmas cards....

For once we are preparing our Christmas cards early... here's Mama hard at work! (And, yes, that's a Tux Linux mascot behind her, even though she's strictly a Windows woman.)

fppaper.jpg: She's checking her list...

It seems I've caught the attention of "Scripting News". Sorry, Dave, but when I put Curly in my template, Mama just had to play the wav file 30 times in a row. I hope she didn't break anything! (In preparation for the oncoming onslaught of visitors from Scripting News, I'm updating the FAQ.)

Our only big plan for the weekend is to go see the new James Bond film, which just opened in Germany, on Sunday. If we hit the early show at the one English-language theatre in Hamburg, we should have no trouble getting a seat. (Our first date 19 years ago was a Bond film, so we've always had a soft spot for the guy.)

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