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feet.jpg: Mama's feet, her cat, and her computer

T minus 12 days and counting. Mama has been taking acupuncture, drinking raspberry-leaf tea, breathing rose oil, going in for lymph drainage, swallowing tiny homeopathic sugar balls. Her doctor says the baby will be at least 4 kilos. (The cat, Karl-Heinz, is over 7 kilos, by the way.) I wanted to take a picture of her bare foot, but she hid it in time... you can barely see a toe behind her sock. (Oh no! She has discovered the "Discuss" page and has posted a response!)

I've been using Gphoto and the Gimp under Linux to prepare these pictures. Gphoto was easier to get working than was the included software for Windows on Mama's computer.

VA Linux finally confirmed... I'm in! db alex.brown never did find my original paperwork, but let me fax it in again.

Mama's boss gave her a Harry Potter book for Christmas. Not exactly what you'd expect from a management type.

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