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Christopher Ryan Hanson

1 Jan 2000 2:20 am CET: The lights are still on and we are still here! (the EditThisPage server is located in California, so this page is still date 1999 for now)

I celebrated the new millenium at Mama's bedside at the hospital. She came down with a fever at 11pm, so we couldn't even drink the champange I had smuggled in. All we could do at midnight was smile and kiss. Christopher slept through it all.

Christopher's jaundice had gone down, so he was in the room with us, not under the UV lights. Nursing went well today, too.

I now have a real name for this website! We've been calling each other 'PapaScott' and 'MamaMaus' for several months now, so it seems to fit. I hope the font for the logo isn't too dignified.

My mother asked why vacuum babies are more prone to high bilirubin. The nurse explained that the bruising caused by the vacuum is stress on circulation and hence on the liver.

I think I found a better place to keep baby pictures at PhotoPoint.

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