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It's Valentine's Day. Mama and I just remembered... we first noticed each another 20 years ago today! (Actually, it was the first or second weekend in February 1980, which would be the 3rd or the 10th. But Valentine's Day is easier to remember.) It was a gathering of AFS exchange students. I had just returned from Brazil, she was spending a year in Minnesota.

Net Liberation Day in Germany
"'More use means more e-commerce'... And Schröder believes more e-commerce will mean more jobs."

Thanks to the lack of material and baby pictures lately, I'm starting to fall in the ETP Top 100 It's about time!

On the other hand, Mama is starting to gain self-confidence. She mailed me at work:
"Hey, I'm starting to get good at this...." It's the magic of being able to Edit This Page!

Suggestion to Userland: How about reserving the domain '' (with only one t). That's how I always mistype it. ";->" Edit His Page? Isn't that sexist?

Spicy Noodles: "The Motley Fool opens Motley Fool Germany. Cool!" Super cool!

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