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Drastic Measures


Time to break out the baby pictures... I need hits for the Top 100!

About to replace me in the Top 10, and much more deserving, is the discussion section of, an Austrian site with politcial reaction to their new government. popo stands for "politcal potential". Move your popo and your ass will follow!

My Twingo is in the shop today for planned service. So I'm driving a big Megane station wagon today. Before we became parents, we used to call station wagons 'Pampers Bombers'.

BBC: German scandal topples party leader "The CDU's crisis must not be allowed to become a crisis for democracy. This goal overrides all others."

Furnace update: It turns out it had overheated yesterday, and the plumber only needed to push the reset button (marked 'For Technician Use Only'). He didn't find anything else wrong. Is this something like Ctrl-Alt-Delete?

Kate, it's not always an advantage to be able to read your work E-mail at home!

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