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CeBIT Tuesday

Mama and Christopher are visiting Oma (Grandma) Ruth in Eckernförde for the rest of the week. It's Christopher's first road trip. (But don't expect any updates on her home page for the next few days... I doubt if she has time to stop by the Internet café.)

This was the top news story in Germnay today. MSGermans hold U.S. teens over deaths: "Prosecutors asked for murder charges Tuesday against three U.S. teenagers accused of tossing rocks from a highway bridge at passing cars, killing two drivers"

The media here is not making a big deal that the teenagers are American. There have been a dozen similar incidents in the past 10 years involving German youth causing injury or death to drivers by throwing objects from bridges.

I was going to write something about Amazon's patent last night, but instead I told Andrea about how at the beginning of our relationship Mama and I stayed in touch from separate contintents, before there was an Internet, or even cheap international phone calls. (Actually, I just wanted her to tell her story of how she and André met via the Internet.)

I've been fiddling with my ISDN connection at home, trying to get it to work with FreeBSD, so I've been mostly offline the past couple of days. I did give Mama my spare ISDN card, though, so she could stay online.

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