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Scripting News: "Cafe Boronne in Menlo Park is a European type hangout place smack in the middle of Silicon Valley." But the picture doesn't look like any hangout I've seen in Europe.

I've become jaded. For me, a European cafe is a tiny <A HREF=http://www.tchibo.dTchibo coffee counter. You see them on every corner, and they all look alike. No place to sit... no chairs at all. Stay standing, drink your coffee in 5 minutes (no food served) and leave.

(If you folow the link, you'll see Tchibo looks more like a fashion catalog than a coffee company. They make more profit at their coffee shops from clothes than from coffee, since the discount store Aldi has ruined the coffee market. Tchibo mentions coffee on their web page only as an afterthought.)

Further arguments against the superiority of European culture

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