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Why are they doing road repair on both my routes to work?!?

Both the Elbe tunnel and the A1 (Elbe bridges) are clogged. It's impossible to reach Hamburg from the south. My usual 45 minute commute took over 1 1/2 hours this morning!

AP/Yahoo Chip Maker Infineon's IPO Soars: "Shares in semiconductor maker Infineon Technologies AG soared Monday in Germany's largest IPO since Deutsche Telekom" Infineon fever in Germany... the issue was 33-fold oversubscribed. Thanks to the wonder of online banking, we already knew yesterday that we didn't get any shares.

Tech Stuff

Accidently discovered on the debian-devel mailing list: New LILO for >1024 cylinders fixes a major annoyance with getting Linux to work on modern hard disks

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