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Let there be light

CNNSI Hamburg closes in on Munich and Leverkusen: "Hamburg won its fourth straight match Friday, this time edging Rostock 1-0" But Munich and Leverkusen both won today.

My folks are still here, midway through their two-week visit. Updates are sporadic here, and Mama just declared a vacation to avoid updates at all.

Major achievement: my father and I brought power to our carport, burying about 5 m of cable. We now have lights and sockets in both the carport and the shed. My father says that all the electrical parts look different than he is used to.

Dave and Luke have been talking about ISPs and the "local loop". My employer has had good experience with our T1 (or whatever the European equivalent is called). Our downtime is maybe 5 or 10 minutes per week. Our local loop is not from Deutsche Telekom, but from HanseNet, which like our ISP is a subsidiary of the local power utility HEW.

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