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Baseball in the morning

partykeller has a nice picture today of the Elbe River in Hamburg. To join in late on a conversation going on there and on netdyslexia, I buy my tomato juice in the 1 liter bottles from Becker's Beste.

Repeat after me: "When checking an apache installation, I will always check all the directory permissions, going all the way to /". I just wasted 2 days because someone messed up the / permissions.

inessential has two stories about Minnesota: "The slumping Mariners beat the Twins last night 14-0." and "Prince reclaims his name. At long last."

Thanks to the magic of time differences and the Internet, I can follow the audio of the last inning of the Twins game in Seattle before going to work this morning. Hey, the Twins even scored a run, not that at losing 9-5 it made much difference.

Maybe I would have been better off being born a Cubs fan, like the Curmudgoen. (Then again, maybe not.)

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