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Our office is moving at the end of the month. Instead of being spread out over 5 floors in two buildings, we'll be together on one floor about 1/2 mile from our present location.

We'll no longer be on the harbor with the view, though. We'll be at the foot of the Reeperbahn, Hamburg's entertainment and red-light district. But it's no cheesy address. We share our new building with Shell Germany and AOL Europe.

We're moving the servers on Thursday, June 1, the Ascension holiday (I don't have to help, but I'm on call). We've all been encouraged to take vacation on Friday, June 2, when the movers start. In theory, they will finish and we can start work bright and early on Monday morning, June 5. We'll see.

Also in theory, we have a duplicate web server and firewall, and will be able to move with no interruption of web and mail service. We'll see. (Ascension is called 'Himmelfahrt' in German, and a suicide mission is a 'Himmelfahrtskommando'. That's a bad omen.)

The bad news is there's no more free parking. The garage costs over $100 per month. Even though the firm will pay over half, it will still be cheaper to take the train, especially since gas just hit DM 2 per liter again.

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