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Our big activity for yesterday was to look for a crib at Dodenhof, a big furniture and department store on the way to Bremen. We decided that the cribs were too expensive, and settled for two pairs of baby socks. We lost one hat, and thought we lost a pacifier until we found it later. (Our visit was noted by Andrea. It's a long drive for socks, that's right. ";->")

This morning we took Christopher to a toddler's church service, even though he still slobbers a lot better than he can crawl or toddle. He seemed to enjoy himself nonetheless.

Mama wanted to record Christopher's voice for her website. I've never worked with audio files before; we just plugged a microphone into her sound card and recorded. We got some buzzing in the background, but we were able to upload a short wav file and a longer mp3 to her web page.

QubeQuorner: "I'm back. The company for which I work moved offices last weekend. I thought it would be a one or two-day affair. Turned out to be more than a week of 15 hour days..."

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