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Big German Women

Andrea, here's a good example of the 'Big German Women' cliché: St. Pauli Girl, "Germany's Fun Loving Beer" which (AFAIK) is only sold outside of Germany. The girl, in this case, is American.

Our move at work to Millerntorplatz seems to be proceeding with no problems. I was on call, but nobody called. We had set up a substitute firewall and web server at the new office last week, and they covered the web site during the move. I haven't even been to the new location yet.

Even though I'm not supposed to print my playlist at PapaScott Radio, I hope it's OK to give hints...


Reading how Brent was reminiscing about The Clash reminded me that I didn't have any CDs at all fro a band that was one of my favorites at the end of high school, when I first heard "London Calling". Well, sure enough, buying groceries with Christopher this morning, I was "Lost in the Supermarket" (actually, it was Marktkauf) and happened upon the CD. Mama saw it when I got home and remarked that I was reverting to my childhood.

Also, a day without The Supremes is like a day without sunshine...

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