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Stomach Flu

Christopher seems better this morning, but now Mama is having stomach pains.

Update Tuesday evening: Christopher is doing fine. Mama's running a fever, but I came home from work early so she could get some rest.

In fact, I was in such a rush to get home that I forgot to get gas on the way home. I should have thought of it. When Mama woke up, I decided to drive to the gas station in Jesteburg. I made it just 1,5 km before the tank ran dry. So I walked home, siphoned a liter from Mama into a Coke bottle, and walked back. I still taste gas in my mouth!


My favorite band in high school was the Ramones. Living in rural Minnesota, it wasn't easy to get good music at all, so I was dependent on magazines, mail order, and trips to Minneapolis. So I discovered the Ramones by first reading about them, then ordering Road to Ruin via mail order. In spring of my senior year, we even took a road trip to Minneapolis to see them play at Uncle Sams. We had to sneak in because we were underage. Fond memories.

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