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Spice Girls and Beer Boys

After complaints from the grandparents, we finally have some new picutures at PhotoPoint

Euro 2000 The big news first: England 1 Germany 0. The game was fair, hard-fought, entertaining, and could have gone either way, but only confirmed what should have been already clear: neither team is in the top class of European soccer.

The last time England defeated Germany in a tournament was in 1966, the famous World Cup final at Wembley, and the goal that never crossed the line but counted anyway. Germans still remember that. England tops Germany 1-0

Portugal 1 Romania 0. The goal came on a free kick seconds before the final whistle. Until then Portugal had been totally frustrated by the Romanian defense.

Standings: Portugal 6 pts, England 3 pts, Germany and Romania 1 pt.

On Friday: France 2 Czech Rep 0, Netherlands 3 Denmark 0. These 4 teams would have been a fair set of semi-finalists.

Standings France and Netherlands 6 pts, Czech Rep and Denmark 0 pts.

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