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What Christopher Has Taught His Parents in 6 Months

crh0627.jpg: Christopher not sleeping

Christopher is 6 months old today. I'm sure in the future we'll celebrate on June 27 as well as on December 27. After all, a 'Sommerfest' is more fun than an afterthought to Christmas. In the meantime, after over 15 years together without children Mama and I have learned an awful lot from our son the past 6 months.

Making progress is important. The rate of change and learning is amazing to an adult, especially in the first month. Even now, every day brings sometng new. (Progress doesn't have to mean moving forward. Rolling from side to side counts too.)

Laughing a lot is important, even if you do have an ornry period in the late afternoon. Christopher smiles at everything and everyone, although that will pass. He laughs when he gets home from a trip, and smiles at me every evening when I get back from work.

Toys are important. They have to be colorful, fit well in both hand and mouth, and be either waterproof or absorbant. Two are always better than one.

Covering the basics is important. Eating, sleeping, drinking, filling and changing diapers, washing clothes. Nothing else can happen until the basics are done.

Planning and organization are important, but flexibility is even more important. Expect the Unexpected, because the unexpected usually happens.

It's important to know what you want and to communicate it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as well as the milk and the clean diaper.

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