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Tel Aviv

It looks like the world went by without me for a week. Tel Aviv, as the French say...

brdbrain: "I need the six-foot-long poster of this image of the Bay. You can get one with the fault lines on it, too! And there's lots of views to choose from." Looking at the graphic, I could point to the spot in San Jose where I lived until I was 12, over 25 years ago. Partridge Dr. Strange how memory gets jolted.

My mother-in-law Ruth also went back to her childhood home this week, for real, not just virtually.It was just the second time in 55 years. She grew up near Schwiebus (now Swiebodzin, Poland), about 50 km east of Frankfurt/Oder. Her parents farm was confiscated after the war and the entire family was moved west. Ruth came all the way west, first to Hamburg and then Schleswig-Holstein, while her family remained in the Soviet Zone near Neuruppin, north of Berlin.

Ruth dropped by unannounced to look at her old family house, but didn't want to knock on the door. The family now there, however, recognized her from her first visit 12 years ago, and invited her in for coffee. The conversation proceeded in a mixture of broken English and German, with the help of an English-Polish dictionary.

At one point the mother of the family disappeared into the attic. She returned with an old photo for Ruth, a family potrait of Ruth as a young girl with her parents and younger sister. They had found it in the house and had kept it all these years.

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