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Do you need to be an expert?

For the past few weeks, I've been searching for a way to make it easy for Mama to copy pictures from our Nikon digital camera to the Internet. Now, Mama's smart, but she isn't a computer expert and she doesn't want to become one. She has better things to do in her spare time. (She doesn't want or need to become a geek... she married one, after all.)

What she wants is to be able to copy JPEG files from a Smart Card (she has a USB drive for the card), reduce the picture size from 1600x1200 to 640 or 350 wide (depending on where she is uploading), then automatically upload the files. That's all she wants to do, and she doesn't want to have to learn (or pay for) PhotoShop or PaintShop or whatever to do it.

Her geek husband can do this for her in about 20 lines of perl. ("Frontier" can do everything but the picture resizing, I suspect.) That is, if he can be bothered to install perl for her under windows. And since it seems there is no commericial program out there that can do this for her, I guess that's what he'll have to do.

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