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In our continuing attempt to catch up with the culture of the 20th century, we watched "Lola Rennt" (Run Lola Run) on DVD last night. It tells the same story 3 times, with various twists so that the endings are completely different, and ends by running the credits backwards.

Discovered by accident:, a cheesy German-American portal. However, they do have links to German news stories in English, and are sponsored by, where Americans can order German grocery products (read: coffee and chocolate).

It's been 5 days since the Concorde crash, but it continues to dominate the headlines here, even in our little weekly shopper. There I learned today that one of the victims lived just 5 km away in Buchholz.

Watch out for the NetDyslexics this weekend! They're getting militant about Sw/oC (Sundays without computers), and are punishing everyone who visits their site with a horrible blinking background graphic. But something has gone wrong! The background's already been switched on, and it's still Saturday in most of the world! Including Jena! The horror, the horror...

Mama, in case you haven't noticed, is taking a hopefully brief hiatus from her weblog. Her excuse is that, since she has stopped nursing Christopher, the title Nursing 'n Surfing is no longer appropriate.

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