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Without Glasses

Christopher is now 7 months old. Here's a quick list of his accomplishments to date.

  • He's completely finished nursing. He's drinking HA (hypo-allergenic) formula mornings and evenings, a glass of vegetables at noon, and a glass of fruit in the afternoon. We just got a "Baby's Cookbook" with some nutrition hints.
  • His diapers have increased in volume and pugnancy proportional to his intake of solid food. He likes to roll on the diaper table, not yet appreciating the drop to the floor.
  • He's not crawling yet, but has increased his speed and mobility in rolling. He can roll across the living room in 2 seconds flat. It's definitely time to get guard rails for the stairs.
  • He's become dangerously interested in cables and any loose objects within reach. He shakes things wildly in the air, and is surprised that it hurts when he hits himself in the head.
  • He's sleeping long and soundly through the night, and naps for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Sometimes he naps in the morning too.
  • He makes all sorts of different sounds, like he's testing the pitch and loudness of his voice. Sometimes it sounds like he's auditioning for the soundtrack of a horror film.
  • We've taken him swimming twice, and his baths have become more active and wet (for parents and child) as a result.
  • Mama thinks that he's already saying 'Mama', but to me it sounds like he's philosophizing about mammon or mums. Or he's learning the words to Surfing Bird.
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