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10 years ago

Blame it on the Pinot Grigio... last night, Mama and I realized that 10 years ago this month, we were busily preparing for our move to Germany, not having any idea what would await us. We had made the decision rather suddenly... we know that on the day of the 1990 World Cup Final, in late July, we had not yet made up our minds, since we jokingly said that if Germany would win then we would go. Germany did win, we settled our affairs in roughly 3 weeks, and we arrived in Hamburg on Sept 1. We had two luggage carts; one full of suitcases, the other full of cats!

In retrospect, we spent much more time deciding and planning our move from Minneapolis to Phoenix 18 months earlier than our move to Germany. We never intended to stay here permanently... maybe 5 years or so? We still don't intend to stay here forever.

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