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Not any better

Update: Christopher's fever is down to 38°C (100.4°F), he's stable, and already flirting with the nurses. :-)

Things are only getting worse here. We took Christopher to the pediatrician on Thursday morning, and were told to keep giving him aspirin and to come back Monday if he didn't get any better. He didn't get better, and the aspirin didn't keep the fever down. We called the pediatrician today, who said not to panic and to wait another day.

We didn't follow her advice. Mama took Christopher to the nearest children's clinic and they diagnosed pneumonia. He will be in the hospital for the next 10 days.

As for me, I'm on antibiotics and bed rest for the next few days, so I can't even go visit him.

Thanks, Andrea, for the get-well wishes. And yes, we did notice the hippos from the Expo :-)

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