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Update: Fever is down even further, but the two blood values the doctors are interested are still up, indicating a medium-sized lung infection. He's taking in fluids well, and starting to eat some. Christopher is in a 'single room with parent's bed', so Mama is with him all the time. I'll be taking shifts as soon as I am certified healthy.

The world does not only revolve around Christopher…</p>

Strange but True Dept.: I was amused to see in my c't (the German computer magazine) yesterday an anti-Linux ad for Windows 2000 featuring mutant penguins. (Text: "An open operating system doesn't only have advantages".) According to slashdot, it's the first Microsoft ad that directly targets Linux.

You Can Choose Your Friends but You Can't Shake Your In-Laws Dept: Last weekend, when the Expo 2000 enjoyed record numbers of visitors near the 400,000 mark, Mama's two sisters-in-law accidently met on the Expo grounds.

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