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Just to see you again

Evening update: Christopher ate a little for the first time, and he's been filling urine sample bags quite regularly. His blood oxygen his excellent, but blood gas is only so-so. He's starting to say doddle-doddle-doddle and daddle-daddle-daddle again, so he's returning to his usual self.

I finally went in to see Christopher at the Mariahilf clinic this morning. I only stayed for 10 minutes, since I’m at the endphase wheezing-and-coughing stage of my illness. Christopher was awake, but groggy, and he’s wearing a cute hairnet for his IVs. The doctors are unhappy with his blood values, but he’s slowly getting better. </p>

Mama is hanging in there too. She's been with him pretty much 24/7 since he was admitted on Saturday.

Maricopa County (Arizona) was kind enough spend $21 to send my absentee ballot by Express Mail. I’ll be sending it back today, via normal air mail. I only voted for the federal races, skipping the local offices and the propositions (except for one banning non-language classes in public schools not taught in English… we couldn’t let that get by without a NO).</p>

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