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Vision Thing

As the US election nears (I sent in my absentee ballot a couple of weeks ago), the most remarkable thing about the two main candidates is that they are both totally unremarkable. Niether one has been able to express in broad terms what they intend to do once they take office, to be able to say that they are in it for the people and not just for themselves. They both seem to want to be in power simply for the sake of being in power. Niether one seems to have that vision thing.

Vision seems to have become rare in politicians. Ronald Reagan had it, Tony Blair has it, Gerhard Schröder has a little bit of it. Bill Clinton doesn't have it, he's the ultimate power-for-the-sake-of-power poltician. But he got elected twice, and it seems that vision is more of a liability than an asset for a modern candidate.

The other thing I was reminded of while in the States is the inability of the American system to be able to solve big, divisive issues. When I started college 20 years ago, these were issues like abortion, gun control, and health care. Has any progress been made since then in finding a solution to these issues so that they can be put behind us? At all? I think not.

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