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And here I thought the election would be decided by 6am when I woke up this morning. But at 6am it was not yet decided, by 8am Bush had won, and by 10am it was undecided again. I'm sure glad I didn't stay up all night for this!

Since I have only contempt and absolutely no respect for either candidate, this is actually the best outcome I could have hoped for. Let the final outcome linger for another day or two... and no matter what it is, the winner cannot feel that he has truly won, and will be a crippled president; the loser will not feel that he has truly lost, and his political career will be over.

Will the result make any difference to Germany at all? I doubt it. Relations between Europe and America after the Cold War have become subtle, complicated and boring; not the stuff for modern politicians. They leave the details to the professional diplomats, whose job it is to be subtle, complicated and boring.

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