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In other news...

Three upper teeth appeared during the night, bringing Christopher's tooth total to 6. Update: After performing a hand recount, we decided that indeed 4 teeth have broken through on top. (Mama adds that they are not quite big enough to completely punch through the card yet, so a machine count wouldn't pick them all up.)

Today's User Friendly has the real reason the count in Florida is taking so long...

My main project this weekend was Christopher-proofing the upstairs, removing all computers and cables from the floor in our office room, and installing a child-proof gate on the stairway. This involved drilling holes in our beloved free-standing wooden staircase, which we really wanted to avoid. But the staircase is not sturdy enough for metal tension gate we got from Ikea. So we have to live with the holes. I decided to use bolts instead of wood screws. Hopefully the clean hole will be easier to patch later.

The aim of all this is to for Christopher to be able to stay upstairs semi-attended, so that I can work one day a week at home after Mama goes back to work in January. We've arranged for 3 days of day-care per week. I'll work at home on Mondays, and Mama will arrange to have either Wednesday or Friday off and then to work a weekend day.

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