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Flying away for the weekend

We'll be in Munich this weekend, visiting a friend of Mama from work. Mama and Christopher are flying for free (she has flyer miles, he's too young for a ticket). I get to pay full price.

Christopher got a clean bill of health from his pediatrician yesterday, so he'll be going today to his first day of "nursery school" (that's what his Grandpa calls the Tagesmutter; it's really just day care). He'll stay just 2 hours today. It's just a practice session.

Mama still doesn't know what they will be wanting her to do at work when she goes back on January 1. She says that her gut feeling is they have big plans for her right away. And we thought we could just ease into 2-career parenting... we might have to jump in feet first with our eyes closed.

How about if we award the election to the first one who starts behaving like a president and a statesman, you know, with honor and dignity and all that. But then again, maybe neither one would win...

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