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Wir sind das Netz!

In the very strange but true department: in front of our office today about 30 demonstrators protested against the Internet. The protest was aimed at the main tenants of our building, AOL Germany and Bertelsmann Online, with signs reading 'Where is our Internet' and chants of 'Wir sind das Netz' and 'Ihr seid drin, wir sind draußen' (a play on AOL Germany's ad campaign with Boris Becker, 'Bin ich drin?'). The best sign was 'Ficken statt Klicken', which can only be paraphrased as 'Make Love instead of Clicks.'

Since the protesters also carried over half a dozen video cameras, so I am guessing that the protest was staged as part of some student film project. But it was fun nontheless.

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