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Nursery School


Sorry about the big picture, but then again this is a big moment for Christopher. His "Day Care Mother" Heidi posed with the whole crew for this picture. As much as Christopher enjoys being around other kids I had to to swallow real hard today for the first time after I dropped him off this morning. Both Scott and I have a good feeling about Heidi. She's a real pro at her job and a really nice person at the same time. She founded the Regional Day Care Organization 16 years ago, founded the State Day Care Organization of Lower Saxony, is part of a National Education Council and a few other organizations. At the same time, Day Care in Germany lacks the social acceptance it deserves. Many of my Americans friends think that it's great I was able to take a whole year off work to be home with Chriopher. On the other hand many of my German friends are shocked that I want to go back to work after only a year at home. Little do they know how I had to hold myself back for the past 3 months.

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