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Advent, Advent, ein Anzug brennt

In December, the clock seems to be running at double-time, as if the year were trying to make up for time lost during the dog days of summer. Is it possible to have a moment for oneself? Or is every free minute already booked until next year?

Unlike Andrea, we've managed to avoid having to shop on an Advent Saturday (which the German equivalent of 'hell on earth'). Well, almost. Mama was convinced that I needed a new suit for her company Christmas party next weekend (her first formal appearance after maternity leave, although she officially starts on January 2). My main criteria in choosing a profession was to avoid wearing suits. I hate buying clothes, but it's even worse to discuss or even argue about buying clothes, so I kept my mouth shut (well, nearly shut) and went along with Mama and Christopher to Hamburg early on Saturday.

We went to Policke, an old-fashioned men's clothier in Hamburg... not chic downtown Hamburg, but the nitty, gritty inner-city neighborhood of St. Georg, located across from a Turkish bank and some porno shops, between a mosque and a Good Templar's Club. The shop looks like it hasn't been remodeled since the 1920s, and maybe the staff hasn't changed since then either. There's hardly room to move... the tiny rooms are stuffed with suits.

It's impossible to browse. You are met at the door by the chief salesman, who measures your exact size by eye alone, and are sent to the appropriate room. I told the salesman there I need a dark colored suit for a Christmas party, he picked two out that both fit perfectly and met Mama's approval. I picked one, and we were out in 15 minutes, paying a least a third less than we would have downtown, and were home before the crowds arrived in the citry

Oh, the pants needed to be altered. That cost DM 6 extra, and I have to go back on Wednesday. Maybe I'll stop at the mosque and say a prayer for the Christmas shoppers who didn't make it.

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