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Person 2000

For the past two weeks, the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper and NDR4 radio have been presenting candidates for the 'Person of the Year', to be selected by their readers and listeners. I thought it would be interesting to copy the list here, along with translations of the short descriptions, to see who German journalists think have characterised the past year, and how they chose to describe them.

  • Rudi Völler (saviour of German soccer)
  • Angela Merkel (saviour of the CDU, led the party out of its biggest crisis)
  • Ferdinand Piéch (brought the first serious 3 liter (80 mpg) auto to market)
  • Heike Drechsler (gold medal winer, world class for nearly 20 years, became a national heroine in Sydney)
  • Hans Eichel (the Chancellor's joker card, made forgotten traits popular again - saving money and repaying debt)
  • Britney Spears (pop icon)
  • Sieghard Straka / Wim Ouboter (inventors of the kickboard)
  • Vojislav Kostunica (symbol of the women and men of the Belgrade Autumn)
  • Birgit Breuel (the untouchable, survived the Expo)
  • Michael Schumacher (Formula 1 champion)
  • Nadeschda Tylika (mother of the sailor and Kursk-victim Sergei)
  • Craig Venter (father of the Genome Project)
  • Cathy Freeman (gold medal winner, brought the Olympic flame into the stadium as well as Aborigines and immigrants closer together)
  • Hubertus Schmoldt (during wage negoitions, set a new tone in the spirit of the 'Alliance for Work
  • Joachim Gauck (has sorted Stasi files for 10 years)
  • Joanne K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter)

(Some of the German candidates require some explanation to those abroad: Rudi Völler is German national team coach, Ferdinand Piéch is head of Volkswagen, Heike Drechsler has been a track-and-field star for both the DDR and unified Germany, Hans Eichel is Finance Minister, Birgit Breuel was in charge of Expo 2000, Hubertus Schmoldt leads the Union of the Mining/Chemisitry/Engery Industries, Joachim Gauck was co-founder of the New Forum and now heads the bureau for organising and releasing the files of the old DDR secret police, the Stasi.)

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