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Christmas Newsletter

Christmas 2000: The news from L├╝llau

Once again it's time to summarize the past year onto a single sheet of paper suitable for mailing. (Those of you reading this on PapaScott get to see it sooner and without killing any trees.)


will be celebrating his first birthday on December 27. Parenting has been just as strenuous as we thought it would be, but more joyous than we ever could imagine. We never realized how quickly a tiny helpless baby could develop into a curious, happy, friendly, independent-minded, trouble-seeking little boy, and how much fun it would be to watch and be a part of that process. On the progress chart, he's able to stand and walk with the help of furniture, and just learned to open kitchen cupboards. It's time to start learning the word "no," which could be a long lesson for both parents and child. (Webpage note: At this very moment, Christopher is happily tossing his Legos through the railing down two flights of stairs to the basement.)

We've been trying to keep track of our progress on our website, and Christopher also has an online photo album at

Our jobs

tt's employer has gone through the ups and downs that all Internet companies have gone through this year. The stock was up to 50 Euros in February, but now is back down to the single digits. Scott's department is luckily a quiet haven in a constantly changing company. His job has become more technical with less web design; he works with apache, Lotus Domino and SSL, to name a few buzzwords.

After a year of maternity leave, Mama will be returning to work on January 2. She hasn't yet been told what she will be doing, but we're sure she'll be kept busy. The important thing is that Christopher will be well cared for. We plan that he will go to private day care 3 days a week (he's been practicing since the end of November). Scott will be able to work at home on Mondays, and Mama will work every Saturday, taking a day off during the week. So Christopher will be able to spend 4 days a week with one of us.

Travels and Family

Grandma and Grandpa Hanson came to visit Christopher in April, and were able to attend his baptism. Christopher returned the favor in October, staying first in Arizona for a few days, then in Minnesota for 2 weeks. Flying with Christopher went just fine, but next time we'll pay for a separate seat. Seven hours is a long time to sit in a narrow seat with a baby in your lap.

Oma will be moving next summer from Eckernf├Ârde to Buchholz, just 3 miles from L├╝llau. She'll be closer to all of her grandchildren. The family Christmas dinner will be L├╝llau on the 25th, featuring a traditional menu of roasted goose, potatoes and gravy, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and coffee with way too much cake for dessert.


The cats took some time to get used to Christopher. They are, after all, no longer that young and are pretty set in their ways. After several weeks of pretending he didn't exist (and a prolonged hunger strike by Helga), they seemed to have settled on a pattern of peaceful co-existence (you don't pull my tail, and I won't bite your hand).

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