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Final Sprint

Christopher has his final practice day-care session today, his very first full 8am-5pm shift. Day care is closed during the short week between the holidays, and on 2 January he has his first real shift, when Mama and Papa both work.

After a lot of thought, I've decided to give up my commuter train ticket and rent a parking space at work. Yes, it is more expensive and pollutes the air, but the train runs only twice an hour and it's too easy to miss. The car will be the best way for me to be able to keep my afternoon appointments to pick up Christopher.

I've also been practicing working early shifts. 7:30 is a lonely time at the office, especially for a sys admin.

In anticipation of working several hours a week at home, I've bought a used notebook... an IBM ThinkPad 390X. Now we just need to come up with a way to wire our network into the living room... or is wireless the way to go?

In anticipation of once again driving a company car, Mama has put an ad in Annoncen Avis to sell the Mama Auto. If anyone is interested in a red Fiat Seicento, just let us know.


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