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Break on through...

It looks like we've survived the big four... Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Christopher's Birthday.

And we had a white Christmas. We got about 5 inches on Christmas Eve, and it's still on the ground. According to the Abendblatt, it was the most snow since 1960. It was a strange storm. It snowed only on the edge of a front, in a band about 40 km wide. We got snow, "andrea"'s parents 50 km west of us got snow, but Hamburg 20 km north of us just got rain.

The bad news is... the dishwasher has given up its ghost. The water pump is burned out, and not worth fixing. A new diswasher has a delivery time of 8 weeks. The good news is... we ordered a new dishwasher 8 weeks ago. ";->"

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