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Working eek

10 pm It was a long and frustrating day. Christopher was restless, constantly seeking attention. I couldn't concentrate on work at all. Our entire day care plan will fall apart if I can't get work done on the days I'm with Christopher at home. I had the feeling that there was no way I could meet the expectations I had set for myself.

Strange thing was, Mama at work was feeling exactly the same. The BSE hysteria is cutting deep into her sales here, and she already is feeling pressure to deliver results quickly, even though (or maybe because) she's been away so long. She couldn't wait to get home.

When she arrived, Christopher returned to his usual happy self. I guess he too has to get used to not spending all day every day with Mom. He went to bed without a whimper, and Mama and I drowned our frustrations in gyros with Greek bread and eggplant paste. Tomorrow we all three have the entire day off together. I hope Christopher won't mind our garlic breath.

The dishwasher was installed today. You can barely tell it's there... fully integrated into the cabinets, and so quiet you can barely tell whether it's running. A present to ourselves.

6 am Christopher made it through his first full week (i.e. 3 full days) of day care. He's more tired than usual. I guess spending all day in a group of kids is more exhausting than spending the day alone with Mom or Dad.

Today is home office day with Dad. Mama's schedule was filled with meetings and information gathering for her first three weeks, with no provision for her to take a weekday off like we planned. Which means I have to spend two weekdays at home instead of one. I'm not particularly happy about that, but my boss is understanding.

I've got my parking space rented at work, so yesterday I drove all the way in to work for the first time since we moved to the new office. Traffic is a lot lighter at 7am than at 9am... I arrived 15 minutes earlier than I planned. (Although Mama says it because of the holiday week.)

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