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Letter Home

Hi Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the Email... you're right, we haven't been taking enough pictures lately. We'll try to take some this weekend. We tried calling a couple of times this week, but didn't find you home at noon (evenings for us).

BSE = Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or Mad Cow Disease. It's all over the news here, even after two months, two cabinet members have even resigned, and beef consumption is way down. It makes Mama's job harder.

We're feeling better about things. Mama has decided only to work as long and hard as she can, and to not worry about people who expect any more than that. She's on the road to Bremen and Hannover today and tomorrow (day trips, no overnight). She has a presentation for her boss's new boss next week but things will settle down after that.

We're looking forward to seeing your itinerary for April. We'll try to keep Christopher away from the fax machine so you can fax it. And we (or at least I) will be following the Vikings game Sunday on the Internet. Take care!


Scott, Mama and Christopher

PS We'll send a purse-sized picture so you don't have to be jealous of Violet anymore!

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