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Excuse Us, Please

Andrea, next time you come to Lüllau for a visit, you don't have to stand outside barefoot in the cold. Come on in!

Wörme, where Andrea's cousin lives, is literally within walking distance from us (at leasfor Germans, I don't think most Americans would walk that far). Wörme has a 50-year old organic farm, an antique small-gauge train (Die Wilde Erika) with 1 km of track, a nice patch of Heide (heather) called the Busenbachtal, and a kiosk that caused a lawsuit because it is technically in a residential area. All this in village smaller than Lüllau!

Christopher seems to have caught a cold, which explains why he was in a bad mood yesterday. He's wheezing and coughing, has little appetite, but no fever. I was able to pick him up early this afternoon, and he'll spend a quiet day at home tomorrow with Mama. He's actually pretty happy at the moment, as long as he can hold a telephone of some sort.

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