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Happy 39

Of course, my Renault dealer was more than happy to take the Twingo in for a day. Just to make it worth their while, the water pump was leaking, too.

My department at work found a cool present for me: "K├╝hlschrank Poesie", a German version of Magnetic Poetry, on the premise that if Mama and I are both working so hard, we need a means of communication. ";->" (Hmmm, isn't that why we have a weblog?) Problem is, our refrigerator is installed inside our kitchen cabinets, and has no metal door. I also got an official "No Jever (beer), No Fun" shirt, along with 4 bottles which I'm sure came out of our server room (thenly room in the office with air conditioning).

A site I visit nearly as often as the search engine at Google is the German-English dictionary in Munich. The dictionary at Chemnitz is also good, and can be downloaded as a Tcl/Tk program Ding for Unix.

Thanks for the well wishes, Andrea!

I received an early birthday present from fate yesterday afternoon. The muffler fell off the Twingo on the autobahn on my way home from work. Fate was however kind enough to have this happen just before a rest area, so I was able to pack the muffler into the back and continue (loudly) drving. So first thing this morning I get to arrange repairs. Wake up, Christopher, we're driving to Renault!

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