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Mama will be back late tonight, and will have been without Christopher for over 48 hours (Monday evening to Thursday morning), I've been sick with some sort of head cold, and Christopher has barely batted an eye. I'm sure he'll be happy to see Mom in the morning, though. But Mom will be even more happy to see him.

I sent an SMS to Mama's cell phone for Valentines Day. Does that count?

I've been browsing all day with the Opera beta, and I like it. A lot. One wierdness: you can choose what browser Opera claims to be when making a request. The default is IE5, and some sites (i.e. Amazon) get confused by a request from "MSIE 5.0; Linux".


Several folks have pointed to supposed reviews of various weblogs. What a pointless task. One might as well criticise how we arrange our patio furniture in the backyard. OK, this is the web, and we've opened our patios to anyone who cares to stop by, but I still arrange my patio furniture to please myself and not anyone else. It's not like we're trying to sell music or movies or create art. We're just being ourselves.

Opera 5.0 beta for Linux. This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.


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