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With or Without You

Brent, our cheer in Madison MN was better: "Lutefisk and Lefse, Tus-ka-da-ha, we can beat <whoever>, ya ya ya!" And Madison is of course the Lutefisk Capital of the USA, and we have a fiberglass fish to prove it.

I tried out my favorites script on my online host, a poor Pentium/133 with 32MB RAM, and it took nearly 2 minutes to complete. It really is brute force! I also realized that it would make a lot more sense to XML-RCP the results into my site and use {includeMessage} rather than to fetch them with {includeHTTP}.

On the wireless front, I decided to go for the most inexpensive solution, and picked up a Siemens M101, essentially a cordless DECT modem, for my desktop, and an M105, the same in USB, for the notebook. They have a range of a couple hundred meters, but a speed of just 128K (OK for surfing, since we only have ISDN and we may never be able to get DSL). Total cost: DM 450, less than half the cost of two 11MBit 'Wireless Ethernet' cards, never mind a base station. The PCs see the setup as a direct serial connection, and I can set up PPP for the network.
I haven't yet, but I can get a terminal window, so I know it's working.


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